The CTM team at Feria Pulsar 2017 in Chile.

With November winding down, the team at Clear Tune Monitors is taking stock of a whirlwind of activity over the past several weeks, including four trade events and a successful Black Friday promotion preceding our next big project – the 2018 NAMM Show.

After previewing the upcoming 9- and 10-driver DaVinci IEMs at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in October, we ratcheted up the effort by showing the finished prototypes at audio exhibitions across the globe, beginning with the Capital Audio Fest in Rockville, MD, just outside of Washington, DC. Much of the crowd at CAF were new to the brand, which made it all the more enjoyable when we saw their reactions to the CTM line, especially the Vintage Series, which took center stage at our stand in the CanMania section of the show.

The same weekend, we dispatched our president and CEO Cesar Milano to the Headphone Festival Fujiya, one of the preeminent personal audio shows in Asia. DaVinci was enthusiastically received by the trade and consumers alike, highlighted by an interview in Mono magazine, one of the leading audiophile publications in Japan.

Cesar followed his trip to Japan with a stop in Guangzhou, China for a headphone festival, with a side trip to Hong Kong to join our distributor, Sound Wave, for a few visits with our dealers on the front line.

After a brief return trip to home base in Orlando, FL, it was back on the road for Feria Pulsar Chile, where once again we were lucky to meet a legion of consumers who are passionate about great sounding music.

After so many travels in just a few short weeks, we understand that no matter where we visit, our customers have one basic quality in common -- a love of music that sounds as big and beautiful as the artists intended. No matter the continent, country, or language, it’s the love of music that brings people together, especially in audio festivals, just as it drives our commitment to developing no-compromise in ear monitors that combine the best of performance and build quality in every product bearing the Clear Tune Monitors name. 

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