The NAMM Show 2019 was the perfect place to launch our newest Signature In-Ear Monitor (IEM) AS-7 by Aaron Spears and we can't be more excited. What makes it special? For the first time in the music industry, an In-Ear Monitor company has designed a product in close cooperation with a world class drummer, and not just any drummer but our dearest friend, Aaron Spears!!!

This collaboration with Aaron took an entire year of hard work, and results are above our expectations. During our tests and trials with stage and studio musicians, sound engineers, producers, and DJs, all agreed upon this IEM is a perfect tool for their work, because they can adjust the sound to the specifics of each job.

The AS-7 engine is a combination of 7 balanced armature drivers fit together within CTM’s WISE technology, which makes possible to deliver its amazing Sound Signature in the clearest possible way with zero to none air interference between the metal tip and the eardrum membrane, we’re sure you know what it means, don’t you?

Another key element that improves the AS-7 by Aaron Spears versatility, is that it is geared with interchangeable sound filters so you can personalize the sound to the job at hand. In summary, the new sound signature and the filters is what‘s granting the AS-7 the honor to be called The Perfect tool to work with!.

An there is One More Thing! (we couldn’t help it) The Signature IEM AS-7 by Aaron Spears is available in Custom Fit and Universal Fit versions.

The Universal Fit version at its core has CTM’s proprietary Wave Integrating Sonic Element (WISE). It accommodates seven(7) balanced armature drivers providing an ideal path for the sound to travel to its metal tip. It offers a more personal listening experience by letting your clients tailor its original sound with two interchangeable filters of different impedance (150Ω & 300Ω), making this monitor greatly versatile. (Available in Spring 2019).

The Custom Fit version is engineered with the same base sound signature, offering the same power and versatility, adding the additional benefit of -26bd noise isolation only possible with custom fit monitors. Customers will also be able to customize this amazing IEM to make it look their way. (Available now).

The AS-7’s test and trial period lasted about 6 months, estimating over 1,500 hours between 20 airplanes, 3 cruise lines, 12 trains, 5 studios, 10 arenas, 30 pubs and bars, 300 tour-bus miles, and 4,000 miles on the road, all these, to reassure customers the AS-7 is the versatile IEM they need to perform like never before.

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