CTM - Virtual NAMM week

Yes, we know that 2020 wasn’t exactly the best year, but if you’re reading this, that is reason enough to celebrate the arrival of 2021. Let’s count our blessings and do our best to make this new year better than the last.

As with many other things that couldn't happen last year, the NAMM Show won’t be happening in its regular format this year and this deeply saddens us as it is the time of the year we long for the most. Sure the virtual version will be quite interesting, but the experience of being on the show floor hanging out with all our friends/customers/family, jamming, sharing, connecting, can’t quite be beat by anything else, but, we think we might just try.

When we asked our community about what they liked most about the NAMM Show, consensus was that hanging out with us, the live presentations from our artists, our discounts and our coveted giveaways were the top items on everybody’s list.That being said, we believe our obligation is to deliver exactly that, and as virtual as it might have to be, we’re planning on making the best of it.

We invite you to join us on our very own “We miss NAMM” celebration in which, you guessed it, we’ll be hanging out with you guys live on our social media, have live presentations with our artists, host our legendary giveaway and yes, also give special prices to those who purchase.

Stay tuned as we will be publishing the details as they become available.

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