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5 Top Reasons for using Custom In-Ear Monitors

June 12, 2019
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Maybe you’re considering getting into the world of in-ear monitors, maybe you still don’t know what all the buzz is about, but in any case here we’ve created a bare bones Top 5 list of why in-ears are great and why Custom In-Ears are even better: 

5) Made just for you 

Custom In-Ear Monitors are as personal as it gets. They are created out of your ears’ shape which means that nobody else except you can use them. This is good for many reasons, being hygiene one of the first since you won’t have to worry about anybody borrowing them, even less returning them in not so clean conditions.

4) Great isolation

By occupying your ear canal, custom in-ears reduce outside noise by about 26db spl, providing quite a good deal of isolation from all that harmful stage volume. This is particularly useful when playing small to medium venues where noise levels tend to get higher.

3) Hearing protection

Nothing beats the feeling of a guitar amp cranked at 11 through a 4x12” cab, or riding a crash full blown through the last chorus of that set ending song, but of all the instruments you use for playing live, your ears are the only ones that cannot be replaced or repaired, therefore they should be the ones you protect the most and with the isolation provided by custom in-ears you get exactly that, protection.

2) Better sound quality

In-Ear monitors make use of Balanced Armature Drivers which you can think of as specialized miniature speakers. By combining different drivers with a tuned crossover, each component (or group of components) gets fed a separate frequency range, optimizing this way the performance in each range and in turn delivering you the best possible sound quality.

1) In Sync, In Tune

But every other reason just adds up to the final truth which is that once you have the isolation, the protection, the definition and the quality, you’re in the best place for playing in sync and in tune with your band. When you can tell your monitor engineer exactly what you want to hear and he can give you exactly that, your performance just gets better, period.

At Clear Tune Monitors we offer a wide variety of Custom In-Ear monitors to meet your listening demands, and an even wider variety of customization options to truly make your in-ears unique. You can find more information about our models here, get ideas for customization in our Gallery, and if you need advice from a professional you can give us a call at 4078888103.

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