CTM @ The NAMM Show 2018

As all of you guys know, The NAMM Show is one of the most important music/gadgets/tech events every year.  Is an amazing experience where artists, brands, musicians audiophiles and fans gather togheter to meet the new stuff.

Every year, every single person at the CTM headquarters get super exited about it and everyone starts to work very hard on ideas to show our unstoppable passion about precision of sound, to get everyone to meet our products and try the real difference of wearing our creations. But this year... will be U N B E A T A B L E !

We have a NEW BOOTH.  We spent hours, days, months creating, modeling and designing our new 200ft2 exposition where all of you will feel super comfortable among us, artists and special guests trying our different In-Ear models and series, having a cool relaxed jam in our jamming box and living the real CTM experience.

We are introducing a NEW PRODUCT. As the result of always trying to make it even better, we created the Da Vinci Series. This is an outstanding series of two In-Ear models with 9 and 10 B.A Drivers that beside using super advanced tech with beautiful anatomic design, combines sound bores within our W.I.S.E. technology. Wanna know more? You know where to find us!

As usual, we will have a super cool After Party on Friday, January 26th at the The Fifth Rooftop Patio & Bar in the The Grand Legacy Hotel with live performances featuring  Kung Fu, Funky Dawgz Brass Band, and a Matter featuring bassist Doug Wimbish and guitarist Will Calhoun.

Are you guys in?

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