CTM and AR bundling up

From the invention of the first dome tweeter and all the way to the highest quality portable High Fidelity Digital Audio Players, legendary brand Acoustic Research is partnering with Clear Tune Monitors to offer an unique music listening experience by bundling the CT-500 Elite 5-driver in-ear monitor with the brand new AR-M200 Hi-Res Music Player.

Aiming at delivering more bang for the buck, the AR-M200 can play high resolution audio files while being capable of transmitting or receiving audio via bluetooth and driving full sized Hi-Fi headphones, all in a compact package.

The CT-500 Elite on the other hand is quite popular among musicians and audiophiles and delivers punchy and defined sound, making it a great choice for pairing up with the AR-M200.

Now, for a limited time only you can get both amazing products at an even more amazing price.

To check out this deal CLICK HERE

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  • CTM and AR bundling up

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