CT-400 Pro

CT-400 Pro

A favorite with Bass players and Drummers, the CT-400 Pro will get you that low end you crave while adding and sustaining a delicate separation of instruments and vocals.

CT-400 Pro's Sound Design

The CT-400 was developed practically to fulfill the demand from professional touring bands (friends of CTM) who urged for an IEM that would finally deliver an advanced level of frequency separation along with a pristine quality of sound.
CT-400 Pro’s unique sound signature quickly became the number one preferred IEM. An updated 3-way crossover improved the frequency ranges optimization to deliver cleaner signals to the 4 balanced armature drivers, allowing you to create an unbelievable In-Ear Monitor mix.
Once panning is thrown into the equation, you can close your eyes and see the music coming from every direction.

Crossover & Driver Setup

Driver Configuration

Frequency Response

Driver Range


Input Sensitivity: 119dB-SPL @ 1mW
Freq Response: 20 Hz to 16.5 kHz
Speaker: Quad Balanced Armature
Impedance : 18 ohm @ 1 kHz
Noise Isolation: -26dB
Input Connector: 1/8″ (3.5mm)

Sound Overview

CTM CT-400 Pro Sound Overview

What's in the box

What you get when we ship your Custom In-Ear:

  • Your customized new In-Ear Monitor
  • 50" or 60" Cable
  • CTM Hard Case
  • 1/4" to 1/8" Adapter
  • Cleaning Tool

Base Price: $600.00

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Who uses CT-400 Pro:
  • A.N.I.M.A.L.

  • Accept

  • Alejandro Londoño

    (Cultura Tres)

  • Andreas Kisser


  • Art Pipok

    (Universal Studios Florida)

  • Arturo Arredondo


  • Banda MS

  • Bobby Allende

  • Camilo Carvajal


  • Capitan Pop

  • Chegui

    (Johnny Sky)

  • Conrad Johnson

  • Cristian Machado

    (Ill Niño)

  • Danilo Donoso

  • Darrien Koop

    (Lighting Designer - Incubus)

  • Dave Linsk


  • De La Tierra

  • Derrick Green


  • DJ Luian

  • Ednita Nazario

  • Elier Caro

    (Cultura Profética)

  • Erasmo Huerta

    (Nacho y Los Fantasticos)

  • Eugenia Leon

  • Federico Vindver

    (Ricky Martin)

  • Greg Nelson

    (Pearl Jam)

  • Gustavo Zertuche

    (Engineer - Zoe)

  • Hector Molina

    (C4 Trio)

  • Jessie Caraballo

  • Juan Mario "Mayito" Arancil

  • Julio Galindo

    (Drumtech - Mana)

  • Kanner Morales


  • Karrie Keyes

    (Pearl Jam)

  • Kent & Tony

  • Kent Slucher

    (Luke Bryan)

  • Keyner Morales


  • La Trakalosa de Monterrey

  • Ledif Franceschini


  • Lenny Tavarez

  • Madi Gold

  • Mana

  • Mark Lettieri

    (Snarky Puppy)

  • Mutemath

  • Nate Dreger

    (Engineer - Mutemath)

  • Nicolas Borbar

    (El Puma)

  • Nicolas Mayorca

  • Pearl Jam

  • Prince Royce

  • Robert Vilera

  • Rudy Rosales

  • Sebastian Botero

    (Felipe Pelaez)

  • Sebastian Yepes

  • Sepultura

  • Sin Bandera

  • The Dear Hunter

  • Zoe