Customer Reviews

CT-500 Elite

Reviewed by: Todd M.

Purchased: Jan 2020

Used for: Bass

"Just used my CT-500’s on a gig for the first time and am super happy! Very clear and natural sounding. Great definition between instruments and vocals and being a bass player really pleased with the low end punch and clarity. Great job guys!"

CT-500 Elite

Reviewed by: Sam Z.

Purchased: Jun 2019

Used for: Horns

"I’ve been using my first pair of CTM in-ears (CT-500ELITE) in a wide variety of settings. I am a full time freelance trumpet player. My work includes live production shows onstage at Walt Disney World, Broadway pit orchestras (Evita), various local bands for concerts and corporate events, recording sessions and even listening to music!!! In every setting, these monitors have exceeded my expectations!
I could not be more satisfied with this product, as well as the excellent customer service. I would highly recommend CTM to the most discriminating music professionals! Thanks for your excellent support!"

CT-500 Elite

Reviewed by: Gerardo C.

Purchased: Nov 2017

Used for: Recording

"the best experience!!
i love it
it makes my job a lot easier!!
They are an excellent reference and magical components !!
I am very happy with the result
and grateful to the CTM brand!!
thank you very much!!"

CT-500 Elite

Reviewed by: Jonatan M.

Purchased: Nov 2018

Used for: Guitar

"I couldn’t be happier. First set of customs I get and I loved them. I had a bit of an issue with the fit at first, but the guys immediately addressed it and they have felt great since. Absolutely recommended!!!"

CT-500 Elite

Reviewed by: Eyderman B.

Purchased: Sep 2018

Used for: Drums

"Ever since I got my CTM monitors, I've never gone back to use any other kind of headphones or other products to play live or in the studio. They fit perfectly, the frequency response is out of this world and they look amazing. I use them to play and record guitar, bass and drums live, the 5 drivers give me the right amount of frequencies I need. If you are not sure about CTM, don't over think it. They're the right people to go to."

CT-500 Elite

Reviewed by: Pedro V.

Purchased: Jun 2019

Used for: DJ

"Ever since I’ve got them they have been amazing!!! They have helped my performance so much by actually being able to listen to what is going on in my mixes to preform better set than having to rely on my mains or headphones which I would go through at least once a year best investment ever purchased As well as saving my ears for the long run"

CT-500 Elite

Reviewed by: Marc F.

Purchased: Sep 2019

Used for: Keyboards

"I used these custom in ears for the fist time this past week. All I can say is "WOW"! The sound is crystal clear and full. They provide a solid seal. The packaging was first rate. Great service. Great company!"

CT-500 Elite

Reviewed by: Manuel R.

Purchased: Jul 2019

Used for: Drums

"It's amazing !!! "