Customer Reviews

Da Vinci IX

Reviewed by: Oscar G.

Purchased: Apr 2020

Used for: Guitar

"When it comes to music quality I consider myself to be quite an audiophile. I love hearing the details in all types of music and I love me some deep punchy bass. The DaVinci IXs truly deliver in all categories considered and blow my last companies triple driver out of the water. I’ve never heard such a clean and enjoyable listening experience until I heard the DaVincis. Even though these are the 9 driver younger brother to the 10 driver, Xs, these are to not be underestimated and they have a little bit of a warmer sound signature which is what I personally prefer. I cannot wait to get these out to use in real world scenarios on a mixer and on the stage but I know what standards have been set for me with the DaVinci's. Everyone who cares about their ears and loves high quality audio needs a pair of these in their life! Proud to be part of the CTM Family
-SithLord Oscar "