Customer Reviews

Earplug with filter

Reviewed by: Andrew K.

Purchased: Jan 2020

Used for: Bass

"I needed new earplugs and a new case for my IEMs in a pinch when I lost a few things on a plane trip, and CTM delivered! These earplugs were quite frankly an upgrade from the brand I had before (fender) and are about the same price (maybe a little cheaper). The best example I have is working a night club where a dj takes over while the band goes on break, the dj always cranks the sound system really high, to where it can leave your ears ringing. Not only was I perfectly comfortable in this situation thanks to these earplugs, I was literally having conversations where I could hear the other person clearly while she was struggling to hear anything. I highly recommend these earplugs for anyone that works in loud environments, especially for extended periods of time. You won’t be disappointed!"