As powerful as it is beautiful, this triple-driver in-ear performs flawlessly in live situations. Clear and mighty sound for the ages!

VS-3's Sound Design

The VS-3 is powered by 3 Knowles® balanced armature drivers working with a 3-way crossover, which means it responds to every frequency with great intensity giving the user an experience very hard to compare.
Although the main feature of this monitor is its powerful bass, nothing is sacrificed in the highs, mids or lows. The VS-3’s punchy sound is very useful for musicians on stage, especially drummers, bassists and percussionists.

Crossover & Driver Setup

Driver Configuration

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The Clear Tune Promise:

At Clear Tune Monitors we don’t feel we have customers. Each person who acquires a CTM product becomes a friend and part of our ever growing and caring family, and that's what really separates us from other in-ear manufacturing companies.
Sure there's a warranty that covers our products, but furthermore there's a human voice ready to listen to your inquieries and resolve any issue should it arise.
All of our current family members know for sure they are covered by the best customer service in the in-ear industry, now it's your time to join the family and feel it for yourself.