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Clarity & Balance

Our new CE220 delivers powerful sound that's perfect for both professionals and music lovers alike.

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The CE110 in-ear monitors provide dynamic mid-range audio, ergonomic comfort and premium copper and silver cables for optimal sound performance.

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CT-500 pro

The CT-500 Pro in-ear monitors deliver pristine mixes with 95% fitting accuracy and -25dB of sound pressure isolation.

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The CE220 utilizes dual balanced armatured that deliver robust lows and excellent definition at a price point that is desirable for both first-time buyers as well as owners of custom IEM's looking for a cost-effective backup.

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I use my CT-400 Pros every day in the pit on Broadway or when I'm doing a quick session, whether in a studio or at home. As a drummer, the bass clarity and balance you get are exactly what I need. I don't have to be picky during sound checks because CTM does all the work for me. I've had mine for five years and will never go to another company. Plus, best customer service... I need to expand my CTM products now!

Joshua Priest

The best in-ear monitors I’ve ever heard in my entire life. The clarity, the low end, everything that I’ll ever need in my in-ears is what I get with Clear Tune Monitors.

Derrick Ray “Swolray,”
Bassist for Justin Timberlake

For more than ten years, I have used another brand of in-ears for my shows. Last year I decided to upgrade, and many of my musician friends recommended CTM... I tried them live last night, and it’s a total game-changer. Everything sounded so clear and perfect. As a bass player, I love to hear the kick drum and bass perfectly, which I got with my new AS-7. They also allowed me to customize them and add my logo. I am 100% happy with my investment.

Edgar Solorzano

I use my in-ears all the time. When I don’t have them, or something happens, I’m really bummed out because it’s such an integral part of how I listen to the music at this point.

Thomas Pridgen
Drummer, Residente and The Memorials

I originally bought a pair of CE320 universal in-ear monitors and instantly loved the sound quality of the triple drivers - I would use these on stage with a full band mix and even to listen to music while working. I was so impressed with the sound quality that I went to the next step and bought the CT-6E Custom in ears, and they just added to the love and satisfaction of the sound and awesome craftsmanship with the artwork and design I wanted. Totally worth the money and investment!

Martin Diaz

I’ve had my CT400 Pro for about six weeks now. First of all, I’ve been blown away by the entire process, from my interaction with the CTM team to the impressive packaging my monitors arrived in. The fit of my custom in-ears is perfect and the sound is full. To hear each instrument and vocal coming in so clearly has been a game-changer for me as a drummer. I’ve always found myself “leaning in” to hear the music. With my new ears, the music is in my head right where I need it and at a safe volume. I’m a proud member of the CTM family 🤘🏼

Michael Matthews

CTM, what can I say? We researched all the top companies before deciding to go with Clear Tune… I got the CT-500s, and as soon as I put them in my ears, I could almost feel the seal lock into place. I listened to music for about 20 mins, and I was blown away by how clear the highs and punchy the lows were. Based on other brands I have used, I was expecting to hear some distortion when you crank the signal, but it just got clearer. Unreal!

Sean Reichenberger

After using them for two weeks now, I couldn’t be more pleased with the product. I purchased the CT-400 Pro. The fit is perfect, I hardly notice I’m wearing them. The sound quality is amazing at all ranges. I feel a whole new connection to my instrument.

Russell Louviere

 In-Ear Monitors That Are Uniquely Yours

Customize your in-ear monitors with virtually unlimited materials and color combinations to choose from.

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CT-500 Pro



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