What is an IEM?

IEM stands for In-Ear Monitor. In-ear monitors are professional grade earphones optimized to suit the needs of live performers and serious audiophiles. They come in two form factors: Universal Fit and Custom Fit, the latter being built to your ears shape which happens to be our speciality.

What is a Driver?

You can think of a driver as a speaker which has been miniaturized. This miniaturized speaker is designed to be used in custom in-ear monitors and offer better quality than regular headphones.

What is the difference between the single and triple driver in an In-ear monitor?

A single driver in-ear has one driver whereas a triple driver has three drivers. This may sound obvious but what exactly does it mean? A single driver is tasked to deliver the whole frequency spectrum which might be burdensome at times, whereas on the triple driver the spectrum gets divided in three ranges: low, mid and high frequencies balancing the load between the three drivers thus providing more detail in each range.

What are the advantages of Clear Tune Monitors?

When it comes to in-ears, other brands give you quality and comfort at a high cost. At Clear Tune Monitors we bring the cost down without sacrificing quality or comfort while at the same time improving them.

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept all major Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX), PayPal, Amazon Pay, Splitit, Check and Money Order.

What are the shipping costs?

If you're in the US we offer the following shipping options:

- Standard Ground (2-5 days): $20

- 2-Day Priority: $45

- Overnight: $90

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we use DHL Express Worldwide which takes 2-3 days in most countries and has a minimum rate of $100. However, you will be responsible for any and all international taxes applied by your local customs agency.

What is the turnaround time? (Custom In-Ears Only)

Once you've made your payment and we receive your impressions, the manufacturing process takes 4 weeks depending on lab demand. If you're in a hurry we also have the following Rush Order options available:

- 2 Week Rush Order: $100

- 1 Week Rush Order: $200

- 2 Day Rush Order: $300

- Same Day Rush Order: $500**

Time starts to count once we receive your impressions, and in the case of Rush Orders it is also required for the impressions to be on site before 10am.

Can I make changes to my order?

Although not encouraged, we do allow one week for you to change your mind on your customization options. However, there is a $50 fee for changes if these are requested one week after the order was placed.

Please keep in mind that some materials or artwork might have a higher cost than those initially chosen. These costs will be billed regardless of when the change is requested.