Believe in the power of music

We believe in the power of music. Music can heal. And inspire. Connect people from different parts of the world. Make your feelings fly. And your soul sharing expression. Don’t think negatively. Just positive.

That is why we design and make products to make you lower your head and get lost in the music.

Be in the zone. Or tune out this world. Bring out yourself or fly thru different dimensions. Heal your soul. Or write the #1 song. Just because of the power of music. Don’t limit your listening and open your mind.

We are CTM. It’s not what you're listening to, It's how you hear it.

Our Vision

Unlimit the power of listening to music

Our Mision

Be the #1 company for the fearless musicians & audio consumer lovers of the world.

Moved by the Power

CTM rose out from pursuing the best sound quality at an affordable price.
Our founder César Milano a Venezuelan entrepreneur, sound engineer & drummer, moved to the States looking for the top sound to feel the power of music but nothing satisfied his need of quality and price. He’d start a company that would not only offer the best quality audio In-Ear monitors but also help unbound the power of listening to music in a pocket-friendly fashion.

In 2010 we became the #1 choice 
for all Latin American Musicians.
But the goal was the world and WE NEVER STOPPED.