Poor Sound

One of the most frequent reasons for poor sound quality is debris blocking the sound tubes. Every time you wear your monitors, after removing them from your ear, it is advised to make sure that each soundtube is thoroughly cleaned from any visible debris with the provided cleaning tool. Hold your in-ear monitors with the bore holes facing down. Use the cleaner wire to gently scrape any debris from the canal holes. Use the brush to clean any remaining debris. Use an antiseptic wiping rag to clean off the outer shell.

No Sound

If for any reason you pop out one of your in-ears when you’re performing a show and try to put it back later, we recommend drying your ears first with a towel or any piece of paper towel before inserting the in-ear piece back in. Moisture inside the sound tubes can block the sound. You should let them dry for at least one day. If the problem persists, contact customer support and they will help you with the repair process.

Bad Cable Condition

Plug in to a different music source and test to see if both monitors are working. Detach the cable from your in-ears. When detaching the cable, grip the socket close to the earphone to pull out, never pull on the cable itself. Switch cable connections and re-attach. Note: Make sure the left and right dot indicators are facing the part of the earphone that enters your ear. Plug your in-ears into a music source to test the sound. If you still have no sound in the monitor that was working before, you have a bad cable and will need to purchase a new one.

Poor Fit

At first, inserting your monitors in your ears may seem a bit difficult. However, with some time and practice it will become second nature. How do you know if your earphones fit correctly? You can tell by the full, rich sound! For full response, your earphones require deep insertion, creating a complete seal against ambient noise. An incomplete seal results in the loss of bass response.


If the problem persists then fill out our Repair Form and send us your In-Ears by mail to:
Clear Tune Monitors 5528 Commerce Dr. Orlando, FL 32839