This warranty is extended by Clear Tune Monitors, INC. ("CTM") in lieu of all other warranties, either expressed or implied, including the implied warranty of merchantability. CTM does not authorize any person to create for it any other obligation or liability in connection with its products. CTM shall under no circumstances be held liable for loss of time, inconvenience, commercial loss or consequential damages. CTM reserves the right to make any changes to the warranty at any time.

CTM extends its warranties only to the original purchaser, and only to the extent the purchase was made directly from CTM or via an authorized reseller.

If a product is found to meet the criteria for a valid warranty claim, CTM will, at its sole discretion, either repair or replace the product. Replacement products may be new, factory refurbished, or an equivalent product, to be determined at the discretion of CTM.

The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping back to CTM for all repairs and warranty claims and services. CTM will cover the costs of shipping back to the customer only for products within warranty.

Warranty claims will be considered only if the following three conditions are met:

- Customer presents proof of retail purchase.Product was registered within the first 15 days of retail purchase.Custom Mold In-Ear Devices
1 Year Limited Warranty For Customs

- CTM offers a one-year limited warranty for Custom Mold In-Ear Devices ("Customs").

- CTM warrants Customs to be free from defects in materials and workmanship in either the external shell or internal components for a period of one year from the date of fulfillment. CTM will, at its sole option, replace or repair customs that meet warranty criteria.

30-Day Fit Guarantee For Customs
CTM offers a 30-Day Fit Guarantee to ensure the proper fit of your Customs.

If your Customs do not fit properly, simply submit a claim to our support team within 30 days of receiving your Customs. Upon receiving your claim, our team will provide you with an official claim form to fill out and return to us. The claim form must be completed and returned within 5 business days.

If your claim is approved, you must ship your Customs to either our Orlando headquarters, or one of our authorized service centers. You are responsible for the cost of shipping us your Customs, but we will cover the cost of shipping them back to you upon completion of this process. Depending on the circumstances, we may also require you to send us new impressions, for which you would bear responsibility for the cost. Whenever possible, we will try to adjust your original Customs, but if refitting is not possible we may, at our discretion, choose to rebuild your Customs or build entirely new Customs.

90 Day Limited Warranty For Serviced Customs

CTM offers a limited 90 day warranty for service and repair work conducted on Customs at our Orlando headquarters, or an authorized CTM service center. This warranty is limited to repairs made, and does not cover inner components.

Universal Fit In-Ear Earphones, Powered & Non-Powered

1 Year Limited Warranty for B.A. Driver Non-Powered Universals.

CTM offers a limited one year warranty on our B.A. Driver Non-Powered Universal Fit In-Ear Earphones ("B.A. Driver Non-Powered Universals").

CTM warrants our B.A. Driver Non-Powered Universals to be free from defects in materials and workmanship on external or internal components for a period of one year from the date of delivery.

1 Year Limited Warranty for Dynamic Driver Non-Powered Universals

CTM offers a limited one year limited warranty on our Dynamic Driver Non-Powered Universal Fit In-Ear Earphones ("Dynamic Driver Non-Powered Universals").

CTM warrants our Dynamic Driver Non-Powered Universals to be free from defects in materials and workmanship on external or internal components for a period of 1 year from the date of delivery.

CTM will choose to replace or repair Universals covered by warranty at its sole discretion.This warranty does not include any universal fit in-ear earphones that contain or utilize a battery, such as truly wireless earphones ("Powered Universals'').

30 Day Limited Warranty for Powered Universals

Powered Universals will be offered with a 30 day limited warranty.

CTM warrants that these models will be free from defects in materials and workmanship on components both internal and external. CTM will replace or repair Powered Universals covered by warranty at its sole discretion.

30 Day Limited Warranty for Accessories.

CTM offers a 30-day limited warranty on official accessories.

CTM warrants accessories to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase. CTM will replace any accessories within warranty. This warranty does not cover apparel, stickers and universal fit ear plugs.

Standard Cables, Powered & Non-Powered
15 Day Limited Warranty For Standard Cables

CTM offers a 15-day limited warranty on Standard Cables, both Powered and Non-Powered variants ("Standard Cables").

CTM warrants Standard Cables to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 15 days from the date of purchase. CTM will replace or repair Standard Cables within warranty.

Premium Cables, Non-Powered
1 Year Limited Warranty for Premium Cables

CTM offers a one-year limited warranty on all Premium Cables.

CTM warrants Premium Cables to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period 1 year from the date of purchase. CTM will replace or repair all cables within warranty.

Void Warranty Information

All CTM warranties are deemed void if any of the following criteria occurs:

Any damage caused by accident, abuse misuse, misapplication, liquids, perfume, excessive volume or any other damage caused by user's negligence.Damage caused by service (including upgrades and expansions) performed by others than CTM.Products clogged by debris, earwax or any other residue as a result of inadequate user maintenance.Any defect attributable to any failure or damage beyond the reasonable control of CTM.A product or a part that has been modified without the written permission of CTM.


Warning: Please make sure to read these instructions before using your In-Ears.

The first thing you need to do before even putting your in-ears on is turn down the volume of the source you’re about to listen to. Then, after you’re plugged in, turn up the volume in little steps until you feel comfortable. If you hear some ringing after using your in-ears, you’ve been listening too loud for too long, so turn it down a notch next time.

Our in-ear headphones are so cool you’ll want to use them even while you’re driving but we strongly discourage that since it’s quite dangerous. The amazing isolation of our in-ears won’t let you hear outside sounds, and even though they’re a proper fit when you don’t wanna listen to your in-law, it’s not so cool when you can’t hear a truck that’s about to run you over.

Regarding Fit:

If your in-ears are bothering you or you can’t insert them properly, then remove them. It’s a bad idea to force thing in your ears, they’re sensitive. You should check in regularly with your audiologist, specially if you feel any discomfort, excessive wax buildup or loss of hearing.

The whole point of in-ears being custom is that they only fit YOU, they’re not a facebook post, so don’t share them with others.

Keep in mind that water and in-ears don’t mix, so please keep them dry at all times.

Listen Responsibly:

There are tiny little hair cells in your ears that are responsible for transmitting sound to your brain. When exposed to loud sounds for too long these cells get hurt or die and quit transmitting. This road takes you directly to noise-induced hearing loss. From 0dB spl to 85dB spl you’re good to go, any sound pressure above that starts harming your ear if exposed for too long, so keep in mind that for any increment of 3dB over 85dB spl the time you can be exposed to it gets cut in half.

The Right Volume Level:

The OSHA ‘occupational noise exposure’ standard states that a listener’s hearing is considered at risk after four hours at 95 dBA in one day. Under these somewhat lax guidelines, exposure time should be cut in half for each 5 dB increase. The Europeans are even stricter (which is good), halving the exposure time each additional 3 dB. Excessive noise damages the hair cells in the cochlea, part of the inner ear, leading to loss of hearing. And loud sounds also have a psychological and emotional impact.


We have a 15-day return policy, which means you have 15 days after receiving your item to request a return.

Universal In-Ear Monitors (CE110, CE320, Da Vinci Series), True Wireless Products (Explore P2), Wireless Cables (Smart Cable MKII), Standard IEM Cables, and Premium Cables can be returned only if:

1.- The product packaging was never opened.2.- You present the receipt or proof of purchase.3.- The purchase date doesn’t exceed 15 days.

To start a return, you can contact us at If your return is accepted, you shall send the product to our facility at 5528 Commerce Dr Orlando FL 32839, USA. Once we receive it, we’ll refund 80% of the purchase price to the original payment method in order to cover shipping and handling costs, re-stocking and other internal fees. Items sent back to us without first requesting a return will not be accepted.

You can always contact us for any return question at

Damages and issues

Please inspect your order upon reception and contact us immediately if the item is defective, damaged or if you receive the wrong item, so that we can evaluate the issue and make it right.

Exceptions / non-returnable items

Custom In-Ear Monitors and accessories (case, cleaning tools, adapters, IEM Clips) do not qualify for returning / refunding. Please get in touch if you have questions or concerns about your specific item.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on sale items or gift cards.


The fastest way to ensure you get what you want is to return the item you have, and once the return is accepted, make a separate purchase for the new item.


We will notify you once we’ve received and inspected your return, and let you know if the refund was approved or not. If approved, you’ll be automatically refunded on your original payment method. Please remember it can take some time for your bank or credit card company to process and post the refund too.



No puedes culparnos por nada si no te tomas el tiempo de leer estas instrucciones.

Primero y principal, incluso antes de colocarte los audífonos, DEBES bajarle el volumen a la fuente de audio que estás por escuchar. Una vez hayas conectado el audífono a la fuente, ve aumentando el volumen en pequeños incrementos hasta sentirte cómodo. Si escuchas un zumbido después de usar tus audífonos, quiere decir que has estado escuchando algo muy alto por mucho tiempo, así que próxima vez tómalo con calma.

Nuestros audífonos son tan cool que querrás usarlos hasta cuando manejas, pero te recomendamos enfáticamente no hacerlo porque es muy peligroso. El asombroso aislamiento que proveen nuestros audífonos no permite la entrada del ruido exterior, y aunque quieras tenerlos puestos para no tener que escuchar a tu suegra, no son tan asombrosos cuando no puedes escuchar un camión a punto de atropellarte.


Agua y audífonos no es una buena combinación, así que procura mantenerlos secos todo el tiempo. Si tus audífonos te están molestando o no puedes insertarlos apropiadamente, quítatelos. Tus oídos son muy sensibles y siempre es mala idea forzar cualquier cosa dentro de ellos. Es buena práctica visitar regularmente al audiólogo, especialmente si sientes incomodidad, exceso de cera o pérdida de la audición. La razón de ser de tus audífonos personalizados es que están diseñados exclusivamente para TI, no son como post de Facebook o una bolsa de papas fritas, así que no los compartas con otras personas.

Escuchando responsablemente:

En tu oído interno hay unos pelos muy pequeños que son responsables de transmitir el sonido a tu cerebro, cuando estos son expuestos a sonidos muy altos por mucho tiempo sufren daño o se mueren y dejan de transmitir el sonido. Esto deriva directamente en una pérdida de audición inducida por ruido. De 0dB spl a 85dB spl vas bien, cualquier nivel de sonido por encima de eso ya empieza a causarle daño a tu oído si te expones a ello por más de determinado tiempo y una vez que comienzas a escuchar consistentemente sonidos por encima de 85dB spl, cada incremento de 3dB reduce a la mitad el tiempo que puedes estar expuesto a dicho sonido.

El Nivel Apropiado:

El standard sobre exposición al sonido ocupacional de la OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) indica que la audición de un oyente se encuentra en riesgo a partir de 4 horas a 95dBA en un día. Bajo este estrada bastante flexible, el tiempo de exposición debe reducirse a la mitad por cada incremento de 5dB. Los europeos son aún más estrictos (lo cual es bueno) y reducen el tiempo de exposición a la mitad por cada 3dB de incremento en el sonido. El exceso de ruido perjudica las células ciliadas de la coclea, parte del oído interno, y conlleva a una perdida de la audición. Además los sonidos fuertes tienen un efecto psicolórico y emocional.