Our house is rocking. Don't bother knocking. Come on in.

The other day we made a list of some of our newest artists/friends who have joined the ranks of CTM users. It was astounding. It boggles the mind. It makes us wish there actually was a house where these folks were partying together. That would be one cool party. Here's the guest list: Tego Calderon, the singer and actor – "Fast & Furious." "Choco!" Puerto Rican songwriter and producer Mora who works with Bad Bunny and Farruko (both also using CTM). The great producer, songwriter and record executive, Timbaland. From the legendary band Toto - John Pierce (bassist), Jon Gosnell (guitar tech for Steve Lukather) and Ken Freeman (FOH sound mixer). And finally, Yailin La Más Viral (keep an eye on her, she's great). A wonderfully diverse group, to be sure. One thing in common? Clear Tune Monitors.

Tego Calderon

Yailin La Más Viral



John Pierce - Toto bassist

Ken Freeman - Toto FOH sound mixer

Jon Gosnell - guitar tech for Steve Lukather