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Mutemath releases their new album Vitals

November 13, 2015
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How do you bring back the 80's with 2015 sound? Go and get Mutemath's new album "Vitals". This is the fourth studio album the band releases and even though it's quite a departure from the previous ones, it's still 100% Mutemath.

The guys from Mutemath have always had a soft spot for vintage but this time they went all in. It seems like everybody dropped their instrument in favor of a thick sounding synth and this not said in a bad way, the taste in sounds as well as arrangements reflects the amount of though the band gave to their new musical proposition.

Upbeat danceable songs coexist side to side with more traditional lush and soundscape-ish tunes. Indeed this is a bold statement, who would've thought of Mutemath songs to be "danceable", well as of now, everyone that listens to the new album.

Not only customers but friends, Mutemath has supported Clear Tune Monitors from the beginning and we have supported them right back. With sold out shows in the States and a packed European Tour coming up, we've got their back when in comes to their monitoring needs. Our advice? go and get the album, learn the songs and go straight to the show in full 80's style.

Rock on guys!