Many of our CTM Family of artists are on tour right now! We want to spotlight you and wish you good luck. Rock the stage with the In-Ears that rock the world. 

Bad Bunny’s El Último Tour Del Mundo is going absolutely insane! We have made Bad Bunny’s Da Vinci X 10-Driver custom  in-ears for his past tours as well as this one, but what makes this one so special is that his team and dancers are wearing CTM gear now too. The dancing entourage have been super excited to sport their CTM CT-300’s and have made cool content with the monitors including unboxing TikTok’s expressing their excitement. Over on our Instagram we have a reel with all of their designs, check it out here. 

Bowling For Soup is touring around the UK with another member of our CTM Family, Rob Felicetti. Recently, their custom monitor designs for the upcoming tour have been our IG followers favorites! Check out Rob’s Spiderman AS-7’s here and Chris’ CT-600 companions here.

Nio Garcia just announced his new tour, El De Los Hits Tour, where he will be using his custom Da Vinci X’s in ears. Celebrity photographer,   @shoot4greatnesss on Instagram, captures Nio effortlessly killing the stage with his CTM’s.

Spanish singer, Rels B, was super excited to kick off his Flakk’s Tour 2022 around North America and Latin America with his sleek design on his custom 9-Driver Da Vinci IX’s.

We love seeing and truly appreciate the tour photos you guys are posting and tagging us in. Keep up the great work and hopefully we’ll see you in our city!