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Virtual Worship: A change in Paradigm

June 11, 2020
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Optimism and faith are two things that nobody should have a shortage of. Even though there’s no way of knowing what the landscape is going to be like a few days from now, let alone a few months from now, at Clear Tune Monitors we’ve been hard at work not focusing on tomorrow but on today and how what we do today can make our tomorrow and therefore our family’s tomorrow better. 

Along this journey we have had great allies that have managed to adapt to the situation as well as we have, being the worship community the one that has stood the strongest. It used to be that most of our worship customers were seeking for Custom In-Ear Monitors in order to get relief from the loud stage volume and then they discovered all they had been missing when the quality of sound came into the picture, but as it turns out, services have become virtual and now the band members are not the only ones wearing earphones but also everybody else, and although this is quite an unexpected change, it’s quite a good one.

It used to be that most people didn’t know the hard hours of rehearsal and personal practice that band members put in in order to be at their peak that glorious day of performance. A dedicated guitarist sometimes felt disappointed when facing the fact that nobody noticed those amazing arrangements he came up with the week before, and very frequently the sound engineer brought in that perfectly timed delay embellished with some chorus only for personal enjoyment as we sound guys are already used to very few people noticing the details of our work. But now it’s different, now every time the worship band is streaming, everybody that is tuned in can appreciate each and every detail, or at least it’s more likely.