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With the CTM Personalize-It Service, you can order small or large quantities of our top-selling earphones with the artwork of your choice. Specially created for organizations of any size, this service offers different options, price ranges and styles so everyone can find a match!

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Select product, quantity and provide us any special instructions.
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Minimum quantity: In order to qualify for our Personalize-It Service the minimum order quantity is 20 units. If you rather order in bulk without customization, please click here.

Customization Cost: $10 per item.

Warranty: In the unlikely event that you need to warranty a customized product, you will receive a non-customized version of the product.

Dealers: In order to resell your customized product, you must be an authorized Clear Tune Monitors dealer.

Approval: All custom product requests will be reviewed by Clear Tune Monitors; acceptance of the order is at the sole discretion of Clear Tune Monitors and will receive a detailed invoice by email upon approval.