CT-500 Elite

CT-500 Elite

In pursuit of perfection, the CT-500 Elite was created to enrich the frequency response in the high-end, while delivering the amazing sound signature of the Pro-Series.

CT-500 Elite's Sound Design

The CT-500 quickly found its first advocates in pro-audio engineers, singers, keyboardists, and DJs. This IEM provides you with a frequency response so uniform and unique, that separating instruments in your mix is as easy as blinking, as it was intended when designing its Sound Signature.
CTM’s first 5-way crossover IEM that awesomely separates the frequencies that will be boosted by its 5 balanced armature drivers through an independent-3-tube system, straight to your ear. The CT-500 set the standard for premium In-Ear Monitors.

Crossover & Driver Setup

Driver Configuration

Frequency Response

Driver Range

Tech Specs

Input Sensitivity: 115.6dB @ 1mW
Freq Response: 20 Hz to 18 kHz
Speaker: 5 Balanced Armatures
Impedance : 20 ohm @ 1 kHz
Noise Isolation: -26dB
Input Connector: 1/8″ (3.5mm)

Sound Overview

CTM CT-500 Elite Sound Overview

Barrington N.

Deyshan W.

Danilo F.

What's in the box

What you get when we ship your Custom In-Ear:

  • Your customized new In-Ear Monitor
  • 50" or 60" Cable
  • CTM Hard Case
  • 1/4" to 1/8" Adapter
  • Cleaning Tool

Base Price: $700.00

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Who uses CT-500 Elite:

Alonso Gonzalez


Carlos Perez Bido


Coalo Zamorano

Nicole Natalino


Pablo Holman


Tomas Manzai